Studio Visit to Printmaking Studio – Brainstorm

At the beginning of every year we “brainstorm” ideas for an inspirational trip to get our creativity flowing and spend some time together before we dive into our next season.  This year we just knew had to visit with Briana Feola and Jason Snyder from one of our favorite print houses called Brainstorm.

We carry their prints in our stores and love their aesthetics.  They design and print goods inspired by a lot of the things that inspire us, too – nature, science and the beauty of the outdoors. We met at their studio in one of Dover, New Hampshire’s expansive converted mill buildings.

They showed us around some of their equipment, from an amazing antique paper cutter to their screen printing set up and darkroom. The kinds of things graphic designers and paper nerds dream about!

We were really inspired by their choice to make their studio first and foremost a place where you can make things with your hands.  We struggle with far too much time on the computer and it was refreshing to see a work space where computers were not the focal point.  It was the huge tables to spread out on, the mural and inspirational signs and prints on the walls, and the vintage books to flip through that made us want to come back for a print making day!

So many of the references in their studio are things that inspire us as well like vintage kids and garden books and even a memory game by illustrator Ed Emberly!  Just looking around at their work space, it was obvious they were in high-gear creatively. We can’t wait to see the new work that comes out of it.

It was refreshing talking to another local couple who work together in their own business on a daily basis.  At one point, they decided they didn’t want bosses, they didn’t want to be at a computer all day and that they wanted to be creative and do it together.  We could relate to those decisions and we could also relate to the challenges of owning your own business and working on a daily basis with your husband or wife.  Jason and Briana seemed to have found a great balance and they have meshed their skills together so well.

A huge thank you to Jason and Briana for gracing us with their hospitality! Hopefully we can make it back in some time in the near future to do a little printmaking workshop. Stay tuned for that and in the mean time, come by the store to see their work in person or get a taste on And make sure you’re following them on Instagram at @wearebrainstorm to keep up with all of their latest creations!