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    • Jellycat Jellycat Clunky Cockerel
    • Jellycat Clunky Cockerel

      Proud and podgy, Cluny Cockerel is just like a big soft pineapple! This dizzy dandy has a tufty cocoa tum, custard bib and wings, and sunny suedey claws. Not to mention that fine scarlet wattle and comb, bold red eye mask and plumey green tail!

    • Jellycat Jellycat Cecile Chicken
    • Jellycat Cecile Chicken

      Cecile Chicken is simply stunning, with tons of tussly texture! Plump and perfect, this barnyard boss has a round ginger tum, scruffle spice wings and suedey mustard feet. Rocking a rose-red wattle and comb, and shaking a tail feather, sassy Cecile!

    • Jellycat Jellycat Dory Duck
    • Jellycat Dory Duck

      Dory Duck is a happy wee hatchling, looking forward to splashing in the water! Chubby and cheerful, with downy fluff fur and splendidly squishy orange feet and beak, this flap-happy duckling loves quacking, paddling and looking for minnows in the water.

    • Jellycat Jellycat Blossom Lemon Bunny - Small
    • Jellycat Blossom Lemon Bunny - Small

      Blossom Lemon Bunny can't wait to go to the park! This snuffle-sweet chum has the softest yellow fur and ditsy-print floral ears and paws. Bright-eyed and bobtailed, Lemon's ready for a picnic! Anyone bring carrots?

    • Jellycat Jellycat Goodnight Bunny Board Book
    • Jellycat Goodnight Bunny Board Book

      Goodnight Bunny is the perfect gift for any little sleepyhead. This gorgeous hardback follows one little bunny as they say goodnight to everything around them. With charming pictures and playful rhymes, it's fun for reader and listener alike.

    • Jellycat Jellycat Blossom Heart Tulip Bunny
    • Jellycat Blossom Heart Tulip Bunny

      Blossom Heart Tulip Bunny is a cottagecore cutie in scrumptious berry fur. Chill and charming, this hopping honey has ditsy-print ears and a matching snuggly heart. Say thank you, I love you or I know you dig bunnies with this fabulous fuzzy-tail friend.

    • Jellycat Jellycat Blossom Heart Blush Bunny
    • Jellycat Blossom Heart Blush Bunny

      A gentle joy full of vintage snuggles, Blossom Heart Blush Bunny is peachy-perfect. This dreamy-soft bun has long flower-print ears and a gorgeous heart to match. This little pal makes a gorgeous gift, bouncing with understated sweetness!

    • Jellycat Jellycat Huddles Sheep
    • Jellycat Huddles Sheep

      Huddles Sheep is so, so proud, taking very good care of their teeny, tiny lamb! This gentle sheep has foldy fudge ears, a heart-shaped face and matching soft feet. Parent and baby have matching fur in scrumbly tumbled vanilla.

    • Jellycat Jellycat Nesting Bunnies
    • Jellycat Nesting Bunnies

      What's better than one cheery bunny? Three, all huddled together! The Nesting Bunnies are a tickly trio, in pebble, vanilla and tawny stretch fur. These perky poppets love to hang out in their fluffy mossy nest!

    • Jellycat Jellycat Love-Me Lobster
    • Jellycat Love-Me Lobster

      Love-Me Lobster is delightfully dorky and full of crustacean cuddles! This joyful chum has suedey heart claws and a matching tail in plum-purple fur. With squashy segments, waggly legs and perky antennae, there's a whole lot to love.

    • Jellycat Jellycat Bashful Grey Bunny - Huge
    • Jellycat Bashful Grey Bunny - Huge

      In Bashful Grey Bunny’s warren, everything is silver! Their soft bed, their teapot, even their tea is Earl Grey! But it’s such a pretty color, it’s understandable. Their cuddly bunny is deliciously soft and their long lop ears are too fluffy not to tickle

    • Jellycat Jellycat Amuseable Gold Wreath - Little - 11 Inches
    • Jellycat Amuseable Gold Wreath - Little - 11 Inches

      Evergreen and ever-glam, Amuseable Gold Wreath makes any door divine! Plump and tufty with a handy loop, yummy green fur, waggly booties, bobbly berries in sparkling gold, suedey leaves and a fine gold bow, this wreath gives a wonderful welcome!


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