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    • Compartes Chocolate Compartes - Strawberry Shortcake
    • Compartes - Strawberry Shortcake

      A tasty white chocolate blended with strawberries and homemade shortcake.

    • Compartes Chocolate Compartes - Hot Cocoa & Marshmallow
    • Compartes - Hot Cocoa & Marshmallow

      Award-winning gourmet dark chocolate blanketed in holiday marshmallows is a festive winter holiday gift treat everyone is sure to love.

    • Compartes Chocolate Compartes - Potato Chip Crisp
    • Compartes - Potato Chip Crisp

      A delicious milk chocolate blended with crispy potato chips to create this sweet and salty chocolate bar.

    • Compartes Chocolate Compartes - Cookies and Cream
    • Compartes - Cookies and Cream

      A mix of white and dark chocolate blended with chocolate cream cookie bits.

    • Compartes Chocolate Compartes - Birthday Cake
    • Compartes - Birthday Cake

      This festive, luxury chocolate bar is made with three types of vanilla beans, moist & delicious fresh white birthday cake mix, and tons of colorful sprinkles!

    • Compartes Chocolate Compartes - Campfire S'mores
    • Compartes - Campfire S'mores

      A rich dark chocolate blended with marshmallows and graham cracker bits.

    • Compartes Chocolate Compartes - Donuts & Coffee
    • Compartes - Donuts & Coffee

      A sweet milk chocolate blended with coffee grinds and donut bits.

    • Compartes Chocolate Compartes - Marshmallow Crisp
    • Compartes - Marshmallow Crisp

      Milk chocolate blended with tons of marshmallows and rice crispy cereal makes for a match made in heaven! Think of it as a chocolatey rice crispy treat.

    • Compartes Chocolate Compartes - Honeycomb Crisp
    • Compartes - Honeycomb Crisp

      A sweet dark chocolate blended with honeycomb candy and gooey honey.

    • Compartes Chocolate Compartes - Blueberry Muffin
    • Compartes - Blueberry Muffin

      An irresistible blend of milk chocolate, real blueberries and chunks of muffin, each bite of this bar is a feast for the senses!

    • Compartes Chocolate Compartes - Peanut Butter Cup
    • Compartes - Peanut Butter Cup

      A sweet milk chocolate bar blended with peanut butter cups.

    • Compartes Chocolate Compartes - Wild Cherry
    • Compartes - Wild Cherry

      A deep dark chocolate bar infused with wild organic cherries.


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