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    • Jellycat Jellycat Amuseable Tulip Pot - 12 Inches
    • Jellycat Amuseable Tulip Pot - 12 Inches

      Amuseable Tulip Pot is cute, cheery, and very easy to care for! This gorgeous workmate has a beige felt pot, fudge cord boots and soft suedette leaves. With hot-pink and cherry-red textured tulips, this plant brightens any desk.

    • Jellycat Jellycat Brynlee Bee
    • Jellycat Brynlee Bee

      Brynlee Bee waves all six legs to say hello! This joyful bee has a heart-shaped face, suedette antennae and fine mesh wings, and is weighted to sit up. A striped pal in charcoal and gold, Brynlee's a brilliant nectar collector!

    • Jellycat Jellycat Amuseable Daisy Pot - 13 Inches
    • Jellycat Amuseable Daisy Pot - 13 Inches

      Freshen up your space with Amuseable Daisy! This trio of flowers have golden fur faces, suedette fold petals and deep green stalks. Sat in a beautiful yellow linen pot with mocha soil, these peaceful flowers make chill companions.

    • Jellycat Jellycat Sandy Snail
    • Jellycat Sandy Snail

      Sandy Snail is one laid-back bug, with a curious grin and bright saffron fur. Looking sunny-swell with a swirly brown shell, this dreamy softy takes time to smell the roses. With suedey antennae to help find the way, this snail will happily glide all day.

    • Jellycat Jellycat Layla Ladybug - 6 Inches
    • Jellycat Layla Ladybug - 6 Inches

      Layla Ladybird loves to explore, and is always crawling about! With bright scarlet fur, bold black dots, feelers and lots of kicky legs, this little rascal is so very huggable. With a cheeky grin and lots to see, Layla wants to go ambling with you!

    • Jellycat Jellycat Ricky Rain Frog - 7 Inches
    • Jellycat Ricky Rain Frog - 7 Inches

      Ricky Rain-frog likes to sit and puzzle out the world. It’s a tricky business! He’s a ponderous, chunky, pea-green chap, and his podginess means he can sing like an opera tenor. He’s squishy, huggable – and very thoughtful indeed!

    • Jellycat Jellycat Birdling Hummingbird - 4 Inches
    • Jellycat Birdling Hummingbird - 4 Inches

      An exotic companion in a soft, halo-esque fur and warm weather highlights of zingy green and raspberry red Birdling Hummingbird is the perfect little gift to brighten up any shelf or desk.

    • Jellycat Jellycat Amuseable Poinsettia - 9 Inches
    • Jellycat Amuseable Poinsettia - 9 Inches

      Amuseable Poinsettia is a sophisticated holiday companion! This stylish plant is such a sweet gift, with red suedette petals stitched with gold freckles, deep green leaves and sturdy stalks, in a rounded gold velour pot filled with fluffy soil.

    • Jellycat Jellycat Honeyhome Bee
    • Jellycat Honeyhome Bee

      Honeyhome Bee is a smiling friend in chocolate and caramel stripes. This sweet little bee has bobbly feelers, a perky nose and soft beige wings. They live in a snuggly quilted cord hive but can pop in and out anytime!

    • Jellycat Jellycat Amuseable Cloud Bag
    • Jellycat Amuseable Cloud Bag

      A-cumulus your necessities in the Amuseable Cloud Bag. This adorable fluffy bag is the perfect piece to round off any outfit with its soft white plush and grey strap. The super-cute face and cordy legs make it a go-to whatever the weather.

    • Jellycat Jellycat Amuseable Sun Bag
    • Jellycat Amuseable Sun Bag

      Gorgeously golden and charmingly chunky, Amuseable Sun Bag is full of fun! This honeycomb-yellow helper has fuzzy-soft rays, chocolate cord boots and a sturdy webbed strap. Whatever the weather, this sun's going to shine and brighten everyone's day.

    • Jellycat Jellycat Amuseables Sun Musical Pull
    • Jellycat Amuseables Sun Musical Pull

      Introducing Amuseables Sun Musical Pull, a ray of sunshine to brighten any nursery! Gently pull on the cheery cream cloud and an original Jellycat lullaby will play from the cheerfully soft sun.


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