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    • Archie McPhee Finger Puppet - Hand
    • Finger Puppet - Hand

      Tiny hands for your fingers! Finger Hands make your fingers into tiny arms. You can always use a hand so it's probably a good idea to have a bunch of extra hands around all the time.

    • Archie McPhee Bigfoot Action Figure
    • Bigfoot Action Figure

      The Bigfoot Action Figure pays homage to a cryptozoological creature that just wants to be left alone. He's grown his hair out and lives off the grid deep in the woods of the Pacific Northwest.

    • Archie McPhee Air Freshener - Mushroom
    • Air Freshener - Mushroom

      Feeling down? Have a little fungus! Hopefully, your car isn’t so musty it has actual mushrooms in it. This Mushroom Air Freshener is so realistic, you’ll feel like a gnome every time you drive.

    • Archie McPhee Bald Bigfoot
    • Bald Bigfoot

      This Bald Bigfoot is not meant in any way to shame bigfoot. Poor Bigfoot, he turned 40 and started losing his hair and we know you have the urge to help him out. You can supply Bigfoot with lots of fashionable and fun fur variations!

    • Archie McPhee Racing Pug in a Peanut
    • Racing Pug in a Peanut

      This pull-back peanut piloted by a pug is 5" long, has four wheels and is made of soft vinyl and plastic. More than just a pug in a peanut, we consider this toy to be a doorway into a superior alternate reality.

    • Archie McPhee Emergency Chicken Button
    • Emergency Chicken Button

      This noisemaker has 4 delightful chicken sounds for lots of clucking fun!

    • Archie McPhee Air Freshener - Bigfoot
    • Air Freshener - Bigfoot

      Can't find Bigfoot? Well look no further! Now you can have him hang from your car mirror with this pine scented air freshener. Keep your vehicle supernaturally fresh!

    • Archie McPhee Racing Rubber Chickens
    • Racing Rubber Chickens

      Pull them back, let them go, and watch them zoom! These chickens are ready to race!


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