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    • Archie McPhee Instant Audience Button
    • Instant Audience Button

      Carry around the crowd reactions you deserve with this Instant Audience noisemaker that comes with four sounds—applause, crickets, rimshot and a booing audience. Perfect for an instant ego boost or giving effortless feedback to others.

    • Archie McPhee Air Freshener - Mushroom
    • Air Freshener - Mushroom

      Feeling down? Have a little fungus! Hopefully, your car isn’t so musty it has actual mushrooms in it. This Mushroom Air Freshener is so realistic, you’ll feel like a gnome every time you drive.

    • Archie McPhee Racing Rubber Chickens
    • Racing Rubber Chickens

      Pull them back, let them go, and watch them zoom! These chickens are ready to race!

    • Archie McPhee Murder of Crows
    • Murder of Crows

      Did you know that a group of crows is called a murder? This doesn't mean they are a bad omen. This set of four different crows can decorate your space or sit comfortably in the matchbox style package they come in.

    • Archie McPhee Collection of Mini Mushrooms
    • Collection of Mini Mushrooms

      A set of magical mushrooms? You gnome we love it! You can leave them in the cabinet of curiosities style package or take them out and make your own fairy circle.

    • Archie McPhee Googly Eyes In A Tin
    • Googly Eyes In A Tin

      Add some life to any space with these hilarious googly eyes. We believe they make everything better! Comes in an eye-catching tin filled with twenty pairs of plastic eyes in four different sizes.

    • Archie McPhee Racing Pigeon in a Peanut
    • Racing Pigeon in a Peanut

      Just pull this pigeon back, release and watch it drive off into a beautiful dream world in search of breadcrumbs and spiritual fulfillment.

    • Archie McPhee Yodelling Pickle
    • Yodelling Pickle

      This little pickle has a big voice and it is ready to yodels its heart out at the push of a button.

    • Archie McPhee Finger Puppet - Hand
    • Finger Puppet - Hand

      Tiny hands for your fingers! Finger Hands make your fingers into tiny arms. You can always use a hand so it's probably a good idea to have a bunch of extra hands around all the time.


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