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    • GeoCentral Ginormous Dino Hatch'ems
    • Ginormous Dino Hatch'ems

      Place in the water and watch the egg crack over a period of 48 hours to reveal a dinosaur!

    • GeoCentral Assorted Crystal Mini Mushrooms
    • Assorted Crystal Mini Mushrooms

      These fun mini mushrooms are perfect for your shrine, to keep in your pocket or to add to your box of trinkets!

    • GeoCentral Healing Stones
    • Healing Stones

      This set offers 12 pocket-sized stones with inspiring information about crystal properties and traditional healing practices. Learn how to create a relaxing session with crystals from tips on the back of the box.

    • GeoCentral Animal Band Mood Rings
    • Animal Band Mood Rings

      Featuring a fun animal, these rings bring some good vibes!

    • GeoCentral Small Amethyst Cluster
    • Small Amethyst Cluster

      A beautiful violet variation of quartz, amethyst is a stone known for enhancing inner transformation and powering your intuition.

    • GeoCentral Chakra Stones
    • Chakra Stones

      An Introduction to Supporting Chakras with Crystals is an updated and elevated take on chakra balancing practices. Offers in-depth information about crystal properties, chakra meanings, traditional Sanskrit names & modern interpretations of the symbols.

    • GeoCentral Meditation Stones
    • Meditation Stones

      Meditation Stones offers a refreshing and thoughtful approach to meditating using crystals and specific hand positions, or mudras.

    • GeoCentral Rose Quartz Hearts
    • Rose Quartz Hearts

      Rose quartz has energetic properties that correspond with the heart chakra. Let these stones bring good vibes your way!

    • GeoCentral Mini Stone Pack - Clarity
    • Mini Stone Pack - Clarity

      This pack has two small stones that provide both balancing & clearing energy to support the psyche: selenite and fluorite. Selenite removes negative or cloudy energy to let fluorite increase the mind’s capacity for concentration and clarity.

    • GeoCentral Crystalline Healing Bracelet
    • Crystalline Healing Bracelet

      This Crystalline Healing Bracelet is made of round, genuine crystal beads. Wear this bracelet to keep you balanced and help you heal!

    • GeoCentral Mini Chakra Stone Pack
    • Mini Chakra Stone Pack

      The Mini Chakra Stone Pack is a great gift featuring seven all-natural stones that promote chakra balancing.


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