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    • Grimms Grimms Large Stepped Pyramid
    • Grimms Large Stepped Pyramid

      The 100 blocks of this building set from Grimms is ideal for creating! Your child can build walls, towers, houses, castles, and so much more with these 4cm-20cm blocks.

    • Grimms Grimms 1001 Nights Building Set
    • Grimms 1001 Nights Building Set

      Experience the magical world of 1001 nights with these blocks from Grimms. Younger children will be fascinated by the intense colors and beautifully formed elements. As they get older, your child will create more detailed and intricate creations!

    • Grimms Grimms 12 Pastel Friends
    • Grimms 12 Pastel Friends

      The more the merrier! Your child will love these solid wood friends from Grimms.

    • Grimms Grimms Natural Beads Grasper
    • Grimms Natural Beads Grasper

      These wooden beads are perfect for babies that love to grasp and hold things. Also fun for older kids to use as a fidget toy.

    • Grimms Grimms Pastel Semi Circles
    • Grimms Pastel Semi Circles

      Extra large creative puzzle to be played with on the floor. In combination with other building blocks one can build inventive and flexible dollhouses.

    • Grimms Grimms 12 Pastel Rainbow Friends
    • Grimms 12 Pastel Rainbow Friends

      These friends encourage imaginative play and exploration; their bold shape and color make them appealing to all ages! The more the merrier!

    • Grimms Grimms Counting Rainbow
    • Grimms Counting Rainbow

      This 10 piece Grimms stacking rainbow is perfect for free play as well as interactive learning. See if your little one can count to 10 as they stack the colors or build fun creative structures.

    • Grimms Small Four Elements Building Set
    • Small Four Elements Building Set

      These distinctive building blocks create mountain ranges, swirling oceans, winding highways, futuristic skylines, and a gallery of sculptures.

    • Grimms Grimms Flamingo Pebbles
    • Grimms Flamingo Pebbles

      With these wooden pebbles your child can build, stack and find just the right balance. Playing with these is both challenging and fun!


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