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    • Safari Ltd Good Luck Minis - Bigfoot
    • Good Luck Minis - Bigfoot

      Bigfoot is one of the most enduring and popular legends of North America. Sightings of this “cryptid” occur mainly in the Pacific Northwest, but similar ape-like creature sightings have been reported across the continent.

    • Safari Ltd Good Luck Minis - Unicorn
    • Good Luck Minis - Unicorn

      The existence of Unicorns was at one time beyond doubt or question. These days, they are simply one of the most beloved fantasy creatures and the subjects of a great deal of modern artwork.

    • Safari Ltd Life Cycle of a Chicken
    • Life Cycle of a Chicken

      Chicken eggs take 21 days to hatch. A newly hatched chick is up and moving within a day! Within three months, the chick has replaced its yellow feathers with adult feathers and is ready to lay her own eggs!

    • Safari Ltd Life Cycle of a Honey Bee
    • Life Cycle of a Honey Bee

      Hardworking honey bees rapidly transform from eggs to adults in only 21 days! Bees in the larval stage are fed by workers, and once they go through metamorphosis and become adults, they join the hive's search for nectar and pollen.

    • Safari Ltd Life Cycle of a Monarch Butterfly
    • Life Cycle of a Monarch Butterfly

      Tiny monarch caterpillars emerge from small white eggs laid on the underside of milkweed leaves. They begin feeding on the leaves immediately. After 2 weeks of constant eating, they form a chrysalis. The monarch butterfly emerges after another 2 weeks.

    • Safari Ltd Monarch Butterfly
    • Monarch Butterfly

      This incredibly iconic species of butterfly can be found in many parts of Northern and Central America. Monarch butterflies are pollinators, which is why you can often see them near flowers during the spring and summer!

    • Safari Ltd Good Luck Minis - Backyard Fun Pack
    • Good Luck Minis - Backyard Fun Pack

      You don't have to travel the world to experience the beauty of nature, it's right in your backyard! With this Good Luck Minis Backyard Fun Pack you'll find some familiar creatures you might recognize from right outside your door!

    • Safari Ltd Honey Bee
    • Honey Bee

      Honey bees are some of the hardest working creatures in the animal kingdom. Worker bees labor tirelessly for their entire lifespan to produce honey for their hive!

    • Safari Ltd Good Luck Minis - Rabbits
    • Good Luck Minis - Rabbits

      Take good luck with you with this mini Rabbit.

    • Safari Ltd Good Luck Minis - Llama
    • Good Luck Minis - Llama

      Llamas are members of the camel family, though they lack the distinctive hump of more familiar camel species. Llamas are fully domesticated, and are used as pack animals by people living in and around the Andes Mountains of South America.

    • Safari Ltd Good Luck Minis - Dolphin
    • Good Luck Minis - Dolphin

      Dolphins live worldwide in tropical and temperate seas. There are actually two types within the species, one that prefers shallow coastal waters and one adapted to deeper, cooler water.


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