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    • Seawicks Seawicks Candle - Maine Map
    • Seawicks Candle - Maine Map

      Featuring Maine-inspired artwork, this candle will remind you of cozy nights in the Pine Tree State. Once the candle is burnt out, the container can be cleaned and repurposed into a drinking glass!

    • Seawicks Seawicks Candle - Coastal Storm
    • Seawicks Candle - Coastal Storm

      Inspired by stormy Maine nights, this candle will bring forth billowing sails and rumbling thunder.

    • Seawicks Seawicks Candle - Calm Night
    • Seawicks Candle - Calm Night

      Cozy up with this candle and think about the sound of spring peepers and wind rustling leaves.

    • Seawicks Seawicks Candle - Love the Sea
    • Seawicks Candle - Love the Sea

      Think about warm days by the ocean, where beach roses meet sandy dunes while burning this candle.

    • Seawicks Seawicks Candle - Beach Girl
    • Seawicks Candle - Beach Girl

      This candle evokes summer memories of summer swims and salty air!

    • Seawicks Seawicks Candle - Salty Seas
    • Seawicks Candle - Salty Seas

      Let this candle remind you of smooth sailing and salty days at sea.

    • Seawicks Seawicks Candle - Off To The Cottage
    • Seawicks Candle - Off To The Cottage

      Memories of bicycle rides to the cottage and the fresh scent of honeysuckle along the way are evoked when this candle is burned.


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